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Graphs of the Week (9/6/2021)

Is Paddy Pimblett the next Conor McGregor? He certainly won’t be if he doesn’t start wearing green shorts. However, when you look at the two of them from a statistical perspective before they joined the UFC there are a few similarities. They both had 12 wins by finish before they joined and were highly successful in the Cage Warriors promotion. McGregor captured both the featherweight and lightweight Cage Warriors titles before doing the same in the UFC. Unlike McGregor, Paddy held the Cage Warriors featherweight belt but lost in his lightweight title fight. Both fighters had similar pre-UFC featherweight and lightweight records but Paddy has a number of bantamweight fights as well.

Hopefully Paddy is successful in the UFC. He has the kind of personality and die-hard fanbase that will make people either love him or hate him. Either way, casuals and hardcores alike will be tuning in to his next fight.

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