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UFC Vegas 41 Main Card Preview

Saturday, October 23rd (4:00 PM EST Main Card, 1:00 PM EST Prelims)

Paulo Costa vs. Marvin Vettori

  • UFC Records: 5-1-0 vs. 7-3-1
  • D.A.N.A. Records: 4-1-1 vs. 2-0-9
  • WATCH – Both of these fighters have looked unbeatable outside of bouts against the current Middleweight champion. They both also have aggressive fighting styles, relying heavily on moving forward, pushing the pace, and being first. Everything about this screams for this to be the type of top contender banger that got us into MMA in the first place!

Grant Dawson vs. Ricky Glenn

  • UFC Records: 5-0-0 vs. 4-3-0
  • D.A.N.A. Records: 3-0-2 vs. 1-0-6
  • WATCH – Add Grant Dawson to your unranked ones-to-watch list. He’s not stat-padding his UFC record with debuting scrubs who go 0-2 in the UFC and get cut. Dawson is beating legit unranked guys with winning UFC records, and in the highly competitive divisions of featherweight and lightweight. This makes for insanely tense fights as Dawson is always at a monumental crossroad in every lead up to a fight. One more win could mean getting a top-15 opponent! One more finish could mean getting a hype train! One singular loss could mean a complete derailment and being relegated to a journeyman in the eyes of the fans and matchmakers forever! Every fight of his life from now until he wins the belt or loses is the biggest moment of his entire life, and you get a front row seat to watch it all unfold!

Jessica-Rose Clark vs. Joselyne Edwards

  • UFC Records: 3-2-0 vs. 1-1-0
  • D.A.N.A. Records: 1-0-4 vs. 0-0-2
  • BATHROOM BREAK – I think we all owe ourselves a break from the heavier women’s MMA weight classes after having to bear through this past fight night’s main event!

Alex Caceres vs. SeungWoo Choi

  • UFC Records: 13-10-1 vs. 3-2-0
  • D.A.N.A. Records: 4-6-14 vs. 1-1-3
  • WATCH – The journeyman vs the prospect is a tale as old as time. But very rarely do you see an instance where both the journeyman and prospect are sporting 3+ win streaks, especially dominant and explosive win streaks such as these. Choi improves every fight but Caceres has made a living off of destroying the dreams of young prospects.

Francisco Trinaldo vs. Dwight Grant

  • UFC Records: 16-7-0 vs. 3-2-0
  • D.A.N.A. Records: 7-2-14 vs. 1-1-3
  • BATHROOM BREAK – Trinaldo was once a top contender in the division and on a 7-fight win streak in the UFC, battling big names on the biggest PPV main cards. He’s now 43 years-old and fighting no-name, uninspiring prospects on shallow fight night cards. Further proof that Father Time is the greatest opponent of all.

Nicolae Negumereanu vs. Ike Villanueva

  • UFC Records: 1-1-0 vs. 1-3-0
  • D.A.N.A. Records: 0-0-2 vs. 1-3-0
  • WATCH – We like Ike! In that we like terrible fighters who have the decency to be defenseless enough that they get knocked out early instead of dragging out their losses for 3 boring rounds. Plus according to the all-knowing MMAalgo there’s a 35% chance that we are blessed with one of Ike’s overhand rights making its way past Nicolae’s defense and a guarantee that we get to see his coinflip KO style for at least a couple more fights.

*D.A.N.A. (Decisions Are Not Allowed) Records include all UFC fights but considers all decisions to be draws; No contests are included as draws

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